Everyone's Camera is a self-governed camera package. It is lent freely between people when needed. It is handled with respect and with care, always with consideration for its next user. Users may use the camera package free of charge, and will be responsible for handing it off to the next borrower. Please fill in your name, the date, your contact info, your project title, and any notes on the camera after use into this form for reference. And please credit Everyone's Camera on your project – we'd like to see what you make and track the camera's projects over the years. Future users should contact the last listed user on this sheet to arrange camera pickup.

Camera package:
  • EOS C300 Mark I Camcorder Body (EF Mount) w/ Battery, Charger, AC & Manual
  • Canon Lens EF 24-l-05mm f/41 IS il USM
  • 4x Extreme 32GB CF Cards VPG 20 UDMA 7
  • Canon BP-975 Battery Pack
  • Cineluxe Shoulder Bag 24 Shoulder bag